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I am a passionate artist looking for the right moment, the perfect light, and the exact colors to be mixed on an ideal canvas that will materialize his dream, this is who I am. My kitchen is my atelier; this is where I transfer fresh, healthy products into an artwork that gives its taster a sense of originality mixed with a feeling of happiness and pleasure.

Simplicity and authenticity are essential details for me to explore and identify a distinctive cuisine while keeping harmony with my roots, attending to the comfort and hospitality of our guests, and searching for the highest-quality ingredients. I had a chance to include various local tastes in my cuisine during my work experience in Italy, the US, Turkey, Egypt, and Lebanon.  Also, these experiences enriched my imagination to create more sophisticated menus for my guests with a local and genuine touch. My objective is to highlight the intrinsic flavors of the ingredients used, and this exploration humbly expresses my admiration and love for what the motherland gives us as treasures.

Giancarlo Gottardo