Risotto Milanese (al salto)


  • 1 kg Vialone Nano Risotto or Carnaroli

  • 2700 ml vegetable broth

  • 200 ml white wine

  • 1 or 2 sachets of Italian Saffron (depending on the quality)

  • 100 g finely chopped onion (braised in butter and then cooled down in a mixer bar)

  • ½ tbsp good sea salt

  • 150 g parmesan

  • 50 g butter


Vegetable broth

  • 1 pc carrots

  • 2 pcs tomato

  • 1 pc onion

  • 1 pc bay leaf

  • 1 pc leek


Prepare a tasty vegetable broth with a little salt, exactly 2700ml, in a large casserole. Add the already braised onion puree, a little olive oil just to heat the pure’ without braising too much.

Add the kg of (Vialone or Carnaroli) rice, mix well. As soon as the rice is warm enough add a splash of dry white wine and let reduce. begin to add the hot vegetable broth, and proceed in risotto style: cover the rice with the hot broth and stir until the rice absorbed all broth, repeat this process. Ten minutes before the risotto reaches the perfect cooking temperature and softness, add the salt and saffron, and continue the above-mentioned process until all vegetable stock is used.

Remove the risotto from the stove, add the 50g of butter and 150g of parmesan, mix well until you get the rice properly thick and creamy to prepare the rice discs.


In order to create the disk shape, use the bread and butter plate (sized 16cm in diameter), wrap the plate in cling film, wrap the plates tightly so that the film is almost transparent and well attached to the bottom of the plate. For a kg of risotto, you can get 15 portions at 150g per serving.

With a pastry spatula spread the risotto homogeneously to the bottom of the whole plate (1cm thick). Cover the risotto with cling film and refrigerate at a temperature of 5C for 5/6 hours.

Before serving, add small pieces of butter in a non-sticking pan, then add the disc of cold rice and let it brown lightly for 4 minutes each side until it is crispy on both surfaces.

Serve it on a flat plate sized 32cm, with parmesan on top and a sauce of roasted duck, Ossobuco or beef stew with morel mushrooms ragout.

Buon Appetito!