Venetian Cod Brandade, polenta cake, sicilian almond pesto 

Venetian Cod Brandade Polenta Crostino,


  • 700 g Cod Brandade

  • 100 g grape seed oil

  • 100 g olive oil extra virgin

  • 2 g soya sauce

  • 100 g cream

  • 10 g sea salt

  • 15 g garlic oil

  • 1 pc fresh garlic


Polenta Crostino

  • 500 g polenta flour

  • 2 ltr fresh water

  • 8 g sea salt

  • 30 ml olive oil



  • 15 g beluga caviar

  • 30 g Almonds Pesto

  • 10 g masculine leaves

  • Red pepper corn



clean the cod fish fillet, Skinless and of course boneless. Cut in thick pieces, season the cod fish well with the 10 g  sea salt and the 100 g fresh cream and vacuum in doubles bags.


Cook immersed in hot water at 95C for about 1 hour.

Drain, set apart the cooking liquids.

Start to whip the cod in a mixer with paddle attachment, slowly incorporating oils, soya, garlic, black peppers and emulsify with the cooking cream. A foamy cream will result.


Polenta crostino method


Place the water in a large pot, bring it to boil and add the salt and the olive oil, reduce the heat to medium low, and sprinkle all polenta slowly into the pot.

Use a wooden spoon to stir it into, the polenta is ready when the texture becomes creamy smooth.

at this point place the hot polenta inside a small plastic rectangular and refrigerate for an hour.


Almond Basil Pesto method


100 g blanched fresh basil

100 g peeled almonds

50 g olive oil

50 g grapes oil

50 g parmesan cheese

1 pc blanched garlic

Sea salt

Black pepper


In a food processor, add the almonds, the blanched garlic, and both oils mixed well, add the basil and parmesan cheese and emulsify all ingredients well till well incorporated (important don’t over mix).

Season it and add some water if you need the pesto more creamy and smoothy